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We have a group of reliable suppliers for chemical pigment and dyestuff:
1. Titanium Oxide
2. Carbon Black
3. Iron Oxide.

We can ship from or sell in these countries, but we welcome agents from all over the world:
1. Cambodia
2. China
3. Indonesia
4. Malaysia
5. Myanmar
6. Philippines
7. South Korea
8. Singapore
9. Sri Lanka
10. Thailand
11. Vietnam

Please contact me if you're interested.

The sales process is as follows:
1. Let us know that you're interested to help promote these products by contacting this lead.
2. When you find a potential buyer, please let us know - goods destination, quantity, target price, application (what the buyer is using the goods for), grade and other technical details.
3. We'll check with the suppliers and get back to you on pricing, schedule and your commission details.

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